Somerset holiday

We went to Somerset over the bank holiday for Kate’s birthday. We stayed in an absolutely massive house, went to a bunch of places and did a bunch of things (descriptive, I know).

I had my first experience kayaking which was pretty fun - and no one fell in!

The weather couldn’t have been any better. In spite of this we still managed to play a bunch of board games and video games (phew).

On the way back myself and Kat headed to Chedworth Roman Villa. A lovely National Trust place in Gloucester. They have a great audio tour guide which I highly recommend picking up to learn about the history of the place.

Sleepless in Swansea

We went camping in Gower, near Swansea a few weeks ago and boy was the wind rough. More annoyingly, the wind mostly seemed to pick up as we were going to sleep! flap flap flap is pretty much all we heard.

Apart from the lack of sleep, we had a lot of fun with Kat’s family. We went to a few National Trust places, including a long walk to Worm’s Head, and a visit to Dinefwr. We also went to Swansea’s Planetarium and had a quick tour of The Mumbles.